Our membership is open to the following: Black people in general and in various sectors of our society hence we strive to attain Black Unity and Prosperity in response to the perpetual injustices they have been suffering in South Africa. Therefore, we are about providing for systematic solutions to black challenges in our democratic country. Our Membership is open to the following legal persons, both natural and juristic, and to all persons who regard themselves as Black and can prove it.

  • Black people in general
  • Black workers
  • Black Professionals
  • Black Businesses
  • Black Spiritual Organizations
  • Black Cultural Establishments;
  • Other relevant Black Formations

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  • The governing document of the Black Forum-SA provides for a special category of membership that caters for those individuals and/ or organisations who/ which would ordinarily not be eligible for Black Forum-SA membership.
  • Associate membership is for individuals and/ or formations who/ which are not Black but fully identify and agree with the goals and aspirations of the Black Forum-SA.
  • Associate membership further caters for those individuals and/ or formations who/ which agree with the objectives of the Black Forum-SA and wish to contribute towards their achievement but they are not residents in South Africa.

Black Forum-SA membership benefit shall Comprises, inter alia:

  • Legal protection and representation for individuals and class actions;
  • Black Business networks;
  • Annual Black Forum-SA International Conferences and events ;
  • Opportunity to invest in Black Forum Cooperative Bank;
  • Discounts at certain Black Forum-SA associated establishments;
  • Drafting of wills and testaments;
  • Participate in general Black Forum-SA initiatives, etc.

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