Black Forum South Africa

Is a lobby group that advocates for Black solidarity in South Africa. The genesis of the organisation can be traced back to 1988 at the University of South Africa (UNISA), where it was founded by esteemed black professors and academics as UNISA Black Forum.

Black Forum-SA Membership

Black Forum-SA is not about mass mobilisation for street protests but provides systematic solutions in our Black unity, to Black challenges. Therefore, Membership of the Black Forum-SA is open to Black legal persons, both natural and juristic, and to all persons who regard themselves as Black and can prove it.

Our membership is open to the following:
  • Black people in general
  • Black workers
  • Black Professionals
  • Black Businesses
  • Black Spiritual Organizations
  • Black Cultural Establishments;
  • Other relevant Black Formations




Spiritual Organizations




Farm workers




Business owners




Young Professionals

Petition to Minister of police and five others 

We have noted the double standards of the Police on how they handle black public protests and white public protests in the “Democratic South Africa.” Black protests are consistently treated with the worse form of police brutality whereas white violent protests are permitted to continue undisturbed.

Membership fees


R 90


R 199


R 299


R 1499

Black interest

R 499


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